Hello and welcome to my page. I am the smallest pony at Barrow Farm and my name is Tango. I am a Welsh Mountain Pony (although I wasn’t quite born in Wales but just across the border in Hereford). And although I am quite happy for you to call me Tango I also have a posh name – Wernderris Cloud – a bit of mouthful I know, which is why I prefer Tango!

Tango long reining at open day

I was born on the 28th April 2005. I spent the first few months of my life, as all foals do, with my mother and then in September 2005 I went to the Fayre Oaks Sale and moved half way across the country to Kent. I then spent some time growing up (as you may know us ponies are not grown up and ready to ride until we are 4 years old and we cannot start doing RDA until we are 5). Once I was being ridden, due to my little size, I became a child’s pony. I love working with children (I find tall people a little more worrying – Isobel on the yard is a little scary as she is very tall, I prefer people nearer to my height like Livvy). The downside to being a child’s pony is that children grow up (very quickly) and soon my little riders out grew me and I moved home for another little rider.

Tango and Isabelle at Open Day

It was after I had been outgrown again that I came to Barrow Farm, which is great as there is always little riders for me to work with. Sally, Anne and Clare took my training slowly and introduced me to all the things I might meet on the rides and got me used to noises on the gallery as I have never been a pony to like surprises. Just like all RDA ponies I started my RDA career on the lead rein before moving onto being an off-lead pony too. Some of my achievements of 2016 include helping Isabelle get her level 1 showjumping at Open Day (above) whilst working off-lead and taking part in a musical ride that got all the way to the National Finals.

Tango as an angel at Carol Service


When I arrived Sally and Clare tried me with a number of ponies to see who I would be friends with. Now I have nothing against other horses and ponies but I do like to show them that although I am little I am important. Everybody seemed to think it was quite funny that I sing to the other horses, they seemed to not think it so funny that I like to show them who is boss (very important when you are little). Anyway in the end they decided it was best all round if I was just friends with Tawny. Now Boycie has joined us we are known as the 3 naughty boys, we are always cheeky and like to push our luck and love to have a good play.

Tango in field

The only other thing I would like to tell you at the moment is about is the fact that I wear a special rug. I have a condition called switch itch which means I am allergic to insect bites and if midges in particular bite me I get very, very itchy. And you not what it is like when you get an itch – all you want to do is scratch. Lots of research has been done, and lots of potions tried but all the evidence suggests the best way to stop me getting itchy is to wear a specially designed rug that stops the insects biting me. I don’t mind wearing it and it is definitely better than being crazy itchy – so don’t laugh at me when you see me in it. In the winter I don’t need to wear it which means I still get chance to get really muddy too!

If you would like to adopt me, please go to the Adopt a Pony page.