Meet our ponies

Ponies doing musical ride
Oural, Tawny, Rocket and Macie taking part in a pirate themed musical ride

Riding at Barrow Farm began in 1976 with just a handful of Exmoor ponies. Today there are 11 hard-working, dependable horses and ponies with their own individual characteristics, preferences and mannerisms. Each has a different history. Each one has its own unique, absorbing tale to tell.

You can find out more fascinating facts about each one by clicking on their name next to the ‘Meet the Ponies’ menu. For those of you who have ridden or helped for a bit longer you will find all the stars of the past under the Past Ponies menu.

Keeping our horses and ponies well cared for, fed and shod is a considerable cost to Barrow Farm. There are many ways you can help support the ponies. You might choose to adopt one from £25 a year/£2 per month (you receive a certificate and invitations to events where you can meet your pony), or a group of you might choose to support a horse or pony for 6 months or a year. For more details see the Adopt a Pony page.

Below you will find some videos of what our ponies get up to.

First up is the ponies enjoying lunch at pony days during the summer holidays.