Past Ponies

Since its formation in 1976 Barrow Farm has been lucky to have had many wonderful ponies. The first ponies had been the Mitchell family ponies, they were all Exmoor ponies. Our pony head logo is actually “Thistle” a pony who took part in our first ever ride and then worked consistently for over 23 years. A worthy pony to be immortalised as our logo.



Some ponies were born at Barrow Farm and lived and worked here their whole life. Others have been given or loaned to the group. In more recent times as we sadly saw ponies age and reach the end of their lives, the group has had to buy new ponies and with riders continuing to enjoy their riding into adulthood larger horses have come to live at Barrow farm.Diamond and Sabre in field

We hope you will enjoy reading about all our past ponies, they all helped to make Barrow Farm the success it is.