Rider Profiles

Our riders range in age from 5 up to senior citizens and come from all walks of life. Here we let you know a little more about some of our riders and our riders let you know what riding means to them.


Emma Harris

Emma riding JetI am in my twenties and have cerebral palsy, all of my four limbs and speech are affected. I am a permanent electric wheelchair user.

I have been riding at Barrow Farm for over 10 years and made some great progress. To start with I needed two side walkers all the time but now I am doing a lot of work off lead, and only have side walkers when we go out for a walk. I wanted to ride for as long as I can remember. Barrow Farm has given me that opportunity. Barrow Farm means so much to me.


Rebecca Rynor

Hi my name is Rebecca Rynor. I have cerebral palsy which mainly affects my balance. I walk with sticks, a frame or use a wheelchair. I ride on Saturdays and I look forward to going to Barrow Farm to see my friends and my favourite horses. I have learnt skills to do with horse riding for example, changes of rein, trotting, stable management, biology of the horse and how to control my horse. When the weather is sunny we go outside and sometimes go for a hack, (a walk outside in the woods). When the lessons get near to the end they go so quick and I don’t want it to finish.