Rider Admission and Attendance Policy

Tawny doing Countryside Challenge

This policy outlines the agreement between Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled and the client (person responsible for paying the invoice on behalf of the participant).  Please note, we use the term ‘participant’ throughout this agreement to mean anyone who applies and participates in our activities.  


  1. All participants must be at least 5 years of age. 
  2. All participants must weigh no more than 12 stone/76 kilos when dressed for riding. For carriage driving, participants who can get on and off the carriage unaided must weigh no more than 15 stone/96 kilos. For wheelchair and other participants requiring assistance to get on and off the carriage, a lower weight limit than 15 stone applies depending on the volunteers available to assist. To safeguard the health of our horses, staff and volunteers, all participants will be regularly weighed.
  3. All participants must reside within a thirty-mile radius of Barrow Farm unless we agree there are exceptional circumstances. 
  4. When a suitable place is available an assessment will be arranged for which up to date medical information must be provided. Assessments are reviewed every three years or sooner if the participants circumstances change.
  5. Places will only be offered to participants who do not ride elsewhere. Participants will lose priority if they reject an offer of a place and will only be offered a place two further times.
  6. Participants will be offered the lesson considered the most appropriate at the time and the place will be subject to regular review.  They may at any time be asked to change lessons or ‘take a break’ from riding if the coach feels this is appropriate.
  7. Saturday ride places are available to participants aged 19 or below.  By the end of the month the participant turns 20 the ride place will cease, and participants can change to ride on weekdays subject to availability.
  8. Participants are expected to book riding lessons and be invoiced for the whole school year (September to July), and to pay their yearly ride fee in 12 equal monthly instalments by bank standing order. Alternatively, and for participants in their first year of riding, ride fees can be paid by 3 termly invoices which are due within 30 days of the start of each term.
  9. Carriage driving lessons are booked and run on an individual basis. They can be arranged weather permitting throughout the year, but most run between March to November. Driving lessons should be booked and paid for by on-line bank transfer in sets of at least 4 sessions at a time.  
  10. Participants are required to pay for missed lessons due to respite and holidays. Notice must be given of absence due to medical conditions or adverse weather. These will be dealt with on an individual basis. A refund of ride fees will be made if the centre has to cancel a ride and this cannot be rescheduled.
  11. In order to maintain their place, participants are expected to attend every week.  If attendance dips below 70% in any one term the circumstances will be investigated and appropriate action taken.
  12. Participants who stop riding and cancel during the school year will be charged at the weekly lesson rate up to the date they cancel.