Company support

Can your company support us?

There are many ways in which companies can support Barrow Farm.

By making a donation

If you work for a company, which makes donations to charities, you could suggest they consider giving to Barrow Farm. Many companies prefer to support charities that have a personal connection with a member of staff. If you need information to enable you to approach your company, or you would like us to approach them please Contact Us, details below.

Support in kind

Does your company have any equipment or products which it no longer needs and which it might consider giving to Barrow Farm. Or could your company sponsor some equipment for us. Or can your company give us something we can use to raise funds, as a raffle prize or to sell.

Sponsor a pony

A big horse costs about £2000 a year to keep whereas a pony costs about £1200. Companies and organisations can sponsor a pony for 6 months or a year. This includes a commemorative plaque on the pony’s stable.