Benefits of Riding

Riding at Barrow Farm is all about fitness, fulfilment, friendship and FUN.

2012-01-23 022

Anyone who rides horses will tell you it’s a million things – exhilarating, exciting, relaxing, challenging, stimulating, satisfying and just the best thing ever.

Our riders feel this way too!

As well as all this, it’s a wonderful coincidence that the movement of the horse gives an all round physical activity session and together with exercises on horseback can bring about the following important physical benefits:-

  • Improvements to balance and co-ordination
  • Increased suppleness, joint mobility and muscle tone
  • Improved overall body awareness and posture which helps improve or maintain general health

The stimulation provided by horse riding can also provide our riders with other benefits such as:-

  • The motivation to learn new skills
  • Improved concentration
  • Learning patience
  • Equipping them with coping skills and discipline

In addition being part of a team, including the rider, pony, coach and volunteers gives the riders opportunities to make friends, gain a variety of experiences and enjoy themselves.

The benefits of riding are many and varied and the proof lies with the riders themselves. Whether the lesson is about meeting the pony for the first time, learning to master a course of obstacles, taking a walk in the woods, or helping to prepare the ponies lunches this and a lot, lot more goes on in our riding lessons:-

  • We see riders improving their numeracy and language skills
  • We see riders who do not interact with their peers, forming a bond with their pony
  • We see riders who spend most of their time in a wheelchair being liberated while riding
  • We see riders who are timid and lacking self esteem, become bold and confident in their riding session
  • We see riders make life long friends with their peers as they share a common love of riding
  • We see parents and families swell with pride when they see their disabled child do something they never thought they would ever do

Here at Barrow Farm we are very proud to provide the facility for our riders to achieve all they can as part of the Barrow Farm team.