Tawny retires from ridden work

Sadly at the end of 2022 Tawny has had to be retired from his ridden work. He has been diagnosed as having arthritic front legs and has shown an increased tendency to trip more. He also has cataracts in both eyes and while not having any apparent difficulties it is felt that for him to keep giving rides would pose a risk to both riders and his wellbeing. He will be 28 this year, an old pony and has worked for us for 18 years.

A boy riding a pony, being led by a woman with short hair and a purple Barrow Farm polo shirt. The boy has two people walking alongside him and he is riding with no stirrups.
Tawny has brought joy to hundreds of riders over his 18 years service as a ridden pony.

He has just received an overdue RDA long service award. Lots of riders who started as young children will have ridden Tawny and have many fond memories.

Tawny a brown pony with a black mane is standing in his stable wearing his bridle. From the brow band is hanging down a long service award which is a piece of leather with a brass disc on it saying RDA long service award.
Tawny with his long service award

We plan for him to still have a role being used for theory sessions on the yard, and perhaps joining in with Tea with a Pony sessions. Still giving lots of pleasure to our participants, just in a different way.

He is still enjoying life, living with his friend Boycie.

Vella – Pony of the Month

Many of you will know Vella as she has been at Barrow Farm RDA for over two years now but did you know her full name is Vella-Tor and that her dad was a sports horse? To find out more about Vella why don’t you visit her page and don’t forget you can also adopt Vella or one of her friends. You can find more details on the Adopt-A-Pony page.

Vella, who is one of our four mares, is a very sweet and quiet pony. She likes her riders to be gentle too and responds to very light instructions from her riders to stop, go and turn. She is quite happy with side walkers and is equally happy doing props, such as post boxes and putting the ball in the bucket or doing dressage. She is quite fast and bouncy in trot, so better for the more experienced riders than those just starting trotting.

We think Vella’s great and so do her riders. She is currently undergoing additional training in the hope that she will be a future RDA competition horse, so watch this space to see how she gets on!

Charlotte holding Vella at the end of her lesson