Coaches attend National Conference

Four of Barrow Farm’s coaches were invited to attend the RDA National Coaching Conference in Warwickshire on 13-14 October. Sally, Anne, Clare and Isobel attended a theory day covering topics including coaching the coach, when to call the vet as well as normal and abnormal development in children and how riding can help.

Sally, Clare and Anne sitting watching
Sally, Clare and Anne sitting watching the practical sessions at the RDA National Centre.

The second day was held at the new RDA National Centre and included sessions on keeping RDA horses and ponies sound through use of dynamic mobility exercises and polework. Followed by a session on biomechanics focusing on the effect of horse and rider on saddle straightness.

Demonstration of using of raised poles to help keep RDA ponies fit and well.

All the coaches at Barrow Farm RDA have undertaken comprehensive training to become RDA coaches but attending training events and conferences are important parts of their continuing development. This ensures that they are able to support our diverse range of riders, whatever their abilities, to maximise their potential and get as much as possible from riding.

Sir Lee Pearson Coaching Day

On Sunday 30th April we hosted an excellent day of coaching by Paralympic rider Sir Lee Pearson. The day was funded through the Jack Petchey Foundation after volunteer and student Lainey and rider Charlotte chose to spend their Jack Petchey Achievement Awards on specialist coaching. Sir Lee has won 11 Paralympic Gold medals and was truly inspirational to the ten riders who took part. The Jack Petchey Foundation supports young people from the age of 11 to 25 and whatever the age of the rider Sir Lee challenged and encouraged them to do better during their session. All the sessions were great to watch and I think all the riders enjoyed having a photo taken with one of Sir Lee’s Gold medals from the Rio Paralympics.