Hello everyone, I am Starra. Although my name is a bit girly, I am a boy and a very proud one at that! First, let me tell you where I came from. I was born in the New Forest and was brought up to Little Baddow in Essex as a foal by Bryony and Geoff Wild. They kept me on their lovely farm til I was four and a half and then I was bought by Barrow Farm who were looking for a 13.2 sensible pony (that’s me) for their smaller riders.


I was born in 1998 and came to Barrow Farm in 2003 and have been a very good boy. I’ve been blessed with a lovely walk, my riders really feel the benefit of how I move and I help them to use their trunk muscles to give them exercise and therapy. I’m allowed to go off lead with my more able riders and I’ve really slotted into my RDA work. I am excellent at props but I am not too keen on loud noises especially rustling of coats (I think it is the coat monster that is going to eat me).


As you can see from the picture, I am a chestnut pony. In the summer my coat really glistens in the sun and I do look cracking! Although I am a bit of a goody two shoes in my work, I do like a bit of rough and tumble in the field with my mates – if they want to tussle I say “bring it on”. I often hear tutting from the Barrow Farm staff cos I’ve torn my rug or marked my leg – don’t they realise that boys will be boys!


Talking of being a bit of a lad, some of you may remember that I was training to be a driving pony. I was fine for ages – really enjoyed it in fact. Unfortunately I got to enjoy it a bit too much and forgot that I was Starra Goody Two Shoes. One day I was taken on a driving rally with about 20 other horses in carriages. It was awesome! I’ve never been so excited in my life! You should have been there! I thought I was going to explode – and nearly did woohooooo! I had a fab time but Anne and Sally didn’t. I heard them say that I wasn’t ready for RDA driving yet and probably never would be – what a cheek! But I suppose they know best.

Starra driving

When I’m not working I love to go for hacks. I had a very successful dressage career with Clare earning myself lots of red rosettes until back and leg injuries meant I had to retire from competition. I now only have to do easy work, which sounds good to me too as it means I get to spend more time in the field! I hope my success in the dressage arena will help my RDA riders to learn some dressage too – then I can be Starra Goody FOUR shoes!!!
Starra and Lucy doing dressage

If you would like to adopt me, please go to the Adopt a Pony page.