Rocket winning in hand mountain and moorlandSweet Rocket, usually known as Rocket or Rocky to his friends, was an Exmoor pony, just like Tawny born in 2002. He arrived at Barrow Farm in 2010 having been bought with a grant from the Baily Thomas Charitable Fund and Barrow Farm group is very grateful for their support. Rocket being a small pony worked on many of the school rides as well as a Saturday. He was very good with props and brilliant for trotting as he was always happy to go but very comfortable.

RocketRocky tried his hand at various activities including a bit of dressage with Emma, this was videoed and judged through the Dressage Anywhere competition. Emma and Rocky got a very acceptable 62%. As a teenage volunteer Livvie took Rocky out to competitions and brought back rosettes from showing, dressage and combined training (showjumping and dressage combined). Rocky loved jumping and would give some of the bigger horses a run for their money. He also loved going out in the field with Tawny and having a good play.

Rocket on a RDA ride in woodsUnfortunately after working hard for the group for 4 years Rocky had a scare in the school and, as often happens with horses, once he had become worried he never settled back into his RDA work. It was decided that the best thing for Rocky was to find him a new home. A family from Cambrideshire came and visited and then had Rocky for a trial period – they fell in love with him and he was settled in his new life. They have now bought Rocky but they still keep in touch to let us know how he is getting on.