Hello, my name is Pouncehill Penny Black, Penny for short. I am a very pretty Welsh Cob, with a stunning black coat that shines beautifully in the sunshine.

Penny the pony in field

I was born near Leamington Spa  in Warwickshire on 1st May 2004. The following year I was sold and enjoyed a very settled life with new owners in a village near Rugby. They trained me as a driving cob and kept me until 2018 when they very reluctantly, due to health reasons, had to find me a new home. I was offered to the RDA at a very reasonable price as a potential RDA carriage driving pony. Barrow Farm had been looking for a pony to help Lula with the carriage drivers but they really wanted a ride and drive. I had never been ridden but it was felt I could be trained as a riding pony.

Penny the pony in her carriage with Sue driving

A very generous volunteer, Sue Franklin, donated money to buy me, pay for my vetting, transportation, and my harness. Here I am with Sue in control, she is training to be an RDA driving coach.

Penny and Lula driving down the lane

Before coming to Barrow Farm I spent a few weeks at a driving yard in Suffolk so I could be assessed for suitability to be an RDA driving pony. It’s a huge responsibility to be allowed to pull a carriage that a wheelchair driver is clamped into and Barrow Farm needed to be sure I would be good enough. Of course, I was always confident, been pulling a carriage all my life, it was the thought of being ridden I was more worried about. I need not have worried; they took it really slowly and allowed me time to settle at Barrow Farm first. To begin with, we just concentrated on the driving, getting to know the locality and doing more training about wheelchair loading and clamping which involves a lot of standing still. A proud day was my assessment to be an RDA carriage-driving pony, Anne and the team were nervous for me, but I passed easily, as I had expected.

Penny being driven in the wood yard with a driver in a wheelchair

During the winter, I had a rest from the carriage but not a complete rest. Work began to teach me to be a riding pony. Clare and Livvie helped me, with Anne supervising. And I have to say it all went well, don’t want to sound too boastful but I think I surprised them with how easy it all was. I really don’t know why they made such a fuss but suppose I should be glad they took things slowly and gave me time to absorb each new thing.

Penny at the mounting block, part of learning to be a riding pony

I have spent the summer working hard giving driving lessons and getting experience under saddle. I feel a very important member of the team, my lifetime of driving experience is being put to a really good use.

Penny being ridden by the Clare in the woods.

I have made friends, I live with Lula and Vella who made me very welcome from the start.

 I think I will be doing some RDA rides during the winter as driving stops during the very cold and wet weather. Apparently I must still earn my keep.

Penny and Charlotte enjoying a walk down the lane

If you would like to adopt me, please go to the Adopt-a-Pony page.