Open Day – 5 May 2018

Sophie and Nicco

Well done to all our riders and the horses and ponies who all did an amazing job showing off their skills at our Open Day on Saturday. Our regular Saturday riders demonstrated a wide variety of activities that we undertake at Barrow Farm RDA; including a walk in the wood, musical rides, countryside challenge, steering and a variety of other props. We were also treated to a few surprise displays. We had Emma and Sophie performing their fire themed musical ride (you can see Sophie warming up with Nicco above). Clare and Liv did a Beauty and the Beast themed ride on new horses Dusty and Vella on their Open Day debuts. Both of them behaved brilliantly all day and were not fazed by the audience.

Clare and Liv on Dusty and Vella

A big thank you to everybody who made cakes. It keeps the spectators happy and is a great way of raising funds too. The weather was lovely and lots of people stayed to watch several of the rides and enjoyed a piece of cake with a cup of tea in between. Thanks to everyone who came to visit and we hope to see you all again soon.

Cakes at Open Day