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Photo of Millie

Millie arrived at Barrow Farm in January 2020, when she was nearly 5 years old, to begin her training to become an RDA horse. She was kindly bought for us by the Axis Foundation. Horses have to be at least 5 years old to do RDA work so we had plenty of time for training. She goes out in the field with the other mares and fitted in straight away.   

Her training was progressing really well, then Covid-19 prevented us finishing her ‘sidewalker’ training. This was finally completed in February 2021 and Millie came into work in March. To begin with she only had 2 riders a week to ease her into ‘RDA’ life. To start with horses find their time in the riding school quite tiring so the number of riders she had slowly increased over the next few months. By the autumn of 2021 she had 7 riders each week.

During training Millie has always been very good with both the props and side-walkers. She is very good on lead and has a comfortable walk. She is very popular as an off-lead horse working with some of our more able riders in walk and trot and even in canter. She is a very gentle natured horse and nothing seems to phase her.

Millie lives in the field with Vella, Penny and Summer and settled well into this little herd. They lived out in the field over the summer but had to come into the stable overnight after the fields became waterlogged in October. Millie does enjoy a lie down when the yard is quiet, usually at lunchtime showing how relaxed she is at Barrow Farm. 

Millie is very comfortable to ride and loves a fuss so she is quickly loved by all who meet her.