Mid-Essex RDA Show

On Sunday 7th October we took Jaybee, Tango and Boycie along with six riders to a small, local competition put on by volunteers from Mid-Essex RDA group. We knew this show would have a relaxed atmosphere so we took this opportunity to take Jaybee and Tango to their first RDA competition. We also gave riders who haven’t had the opportunity to compete this year the chance to go so it was a new look team of horses and riders. Considering it was October and it rained a lot the day before we were very lucky with the weather. It was a bit cool but sunny!

Noah on Boycie
Noah and his team of helpers in the handy pony

The ponies all behaved themselves impeccably and the riders did a fantastic job of looking stylish in the tack and turnout (Barrow Farm riders took place 1st to 5th – well done to all the staff for getting the ponies looking so good). In the handy pony competition Christopher and Boycie won the junior section and Holly and Jaybee the senior section.

Christopher holding his rosettes and trophy
Christopher with his rosettes, medals and trophy

The handy pony course was very similar to the Countryside Challenge course at regional and national competitions with obstacles like posting a letter and putting an apple in a bucket.

Holly is throwing the apple into the bucket riding Jaybee
Holly throwing the apply in the bucket

All the riders competed in handy pony and did an amazing job with lots of rosettes and this provided a great experience for Jaybee and Tango.

Oscar riding Boycie reaching over to post the letter.
Oscar posting the letter

In the afternoon came the dressage. We had just three riders in the walk and trot class. Jaybee was the star of the show and Emma won the junior class and Holly won the senior class.

Emma and Jaybee with Emma's rosettes and trophy
Emma and Jaybee were first in dressage and tack and turnout and second in handy pony

Tango also did a fantastic job and Isabelle came second in dressage, third in handy pony and third in tack and turnout.

Isabelle got yellow rosettes for third place
Isabelle and Tango with some of her rosettes

It just remains for me to say a big thank you to all the helpers who came to assist on the day especially Jack and Emily who did great jobs holding ponies and running back to the lorry for things. Thanks very much to Linda who let us use her lorry as the Barrow Farm RDA lorry had broken down and well done to all the staff and coaches for the work they do with the riders that enable them to have the chance to go out and compete.

More photos of the Tango, Jaybee and Boycie will be on their pages soon.