Macie lying downPsst, Hello Everyone, I’m Macie. I’m a bit of a sensitive pony and a bit shy at times, but I’m going to tell you all about myself because I would love you to sponsor me. I’m a white grey mare, and really a lady shouldn’t reveal all her secrets, but here goes anyway.

I’m 14.2hh and was born in 1996. I’m a beautiful white colour, and am described as a cob. I know I’ve got a pretty face but I’m not really keen on the hairy look so I like to have my mane pulled and my legs trimmed to keep me looking my best.

I’ve been at Barrow Farm since 2004 but I’m not your average RDA pony. I don’t like a lot of noise or fuss and everything has to be just right for me. Nevertheless, I have carved out a nice little career for myself here because I’m honest and kind and I’m good at helping those riders who are quiet and balanced. I have a comfortable trot and I’ve been known to help some riders with their trot work and I’m allowed to work off lead with some of my more able riders.

Macie and Rafferty in water
Giving Rafferty some moral support the first time he went in the water

A typical day for me starts with coming in from the field to my spacious stable and starting the morning off with a generous portion of hay. Then I’ll be spruced up for the start of the working day. (There’s often a shriek of horror when they see how muddy I am!). There’s an array of shampoo’s, conditioners, whiteners, sponges and brushes with my name on them in the tack room – just to keep me looking lovely.

I will be taken down to the riding school where I will stand beautifully in line with the others, ready to greet my rider. I will probably work with two riders (not at the same time though he,he,he). After lunch its time to catch up on some beauty sleep before working with an off lead rider where I will do quite a bit of trotting. Then I’ll probably get taken out for a hack by the Barrow Farm staff or do a spot of schooling to keep me fit and supple. . Teatime comes in the shape of being turned out into the field with my friends where I daintily nibble away all night.

Macie doing RDA dressage
Macie and Lucy competing at the RDA regional competition

I am told I excel at RDA dressage (for those of you that do not know, dressage is a series of riding school movements, such as circles, that are given a mark out of 10 by the judge on the basis of correct training). The first year I competed in a RDA dressage competition was 2011, when I not only went to the regional dressage competition at Oaklands but I also qualified and competed at the RDA National Championships in Gloucestershire. I did this again in 2012 and 2013. I find the travelling a little stressful and in more recent years I have passed the mantle to some of the other ponies and now my competitions tend to be at home. A number of my riders have competed in Dressage Anywhere. The dressage test gets videoed then uploaded for judging – I think it is great as it saves me having to go out in the horsebox.

Macie jumping
Macie in her younger days giving Livvy her first taste of cross-country

Sadly Macie died in 2017 following a short illness, this gentle RDA pony gave so much pleasure to so many RDA riders she is sorely missed by both her riders and the yard staff.