Helping Hands

A red tractor cutting the hedge in a field with people working in the field behind
Cutting back the hedges in the front field

On Saturday 2 September we were very pleased to welcome a huge volunteer team from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help with maintenance around the Barrow Farm site. The Church calls this large service project for charitable or worthy cause ‘Helping Hands’. The volunteer group were all ages and from an area from Ipswich to Wanstead and from Cambridge to the East coast. They were brilliant and and got so much done, they replaced and repaired fencing, cut hedges back, treated the stables, outbuildings and fences with preservative, and so much more including clearing a woodland path so our riders have more variety.

Three people with racks creating a path between the trees
Preparing the woodland path

Thank you, Helping Hands for choosing us, you did so much more than we ever thought, a really remarkable day.