Helping develop Advanced Coaches of the future

Volunteer coach and trustee, Isobel Gowers, has spent two days this week at RDA National in Warwickshire. After completing her Advanced Coach assessment last year Isobel had the chance to be a mentor for the next cohort of aspiring Advanced Coaches at the Princess Royal Coaching Academy. At Barrow Farm our coaches not only provide a great service to our riders and a drivers but also support the development of other coaches outside Barrow Farm. Isobel is doing this through being a mentor and Sally and Anne do this as Coach Developers, supporting coaches across the county and beyond. For more information about our talented staff and coaches see our Barrow Farm Staff page.

Eight people half turned to the camera so you can see their jackets that say RDA Mentor on the back.
Isobel (far right) and the other seven PRCA mentors