Funders visit – 13 March 2017

Having almost finished our amenity block refurbishment we wanted to show off to the very kind people who had supported our project. A date was fixed which focused the Trustees’ minds on completing the snag list! One of our wonderful volunteers, Viv, mother of rider Clare, spent many hours filling holes and painting so when a band of Trustees and volunteers turned up the day before the 13th March most of the real work had been done! However we managed to put up lots of pictures, including the new canvases bought with Jack Petchey money -well done Anne, they are lovely!

Our thanks to Darrell, our new DIY volunteer, for all his hard work and to Lynne who does a wonderful job of the cleaning every week but everything was especially sparkling this week!

On the day we welcomed Colin Campbell from Billericay Mayflower Rotary who gave us money for the project and to improve all the field gateways. Roz and Sachin came from M&G investments who gave us a large donation towards the project and money for improving our security after the tack theft. Councillors Dick Madden and Malcolm Maddocks came from Essex County Council, representing Essex Community Initiatives Fund from whom we also had very generous support for our refurbishment.

Our supporters were able to watch two lessons, seeing what Barrow Farm does best – giving huge pleasure to our riders! We had a wonderful informal lunch with funders having the opportunity to meet staff, riders, Trustees and volunteers. Thanks to all who provided food – it was quite a spread.

Everyone who came was impressed with our new facilities. What shall we do next?!

Photo shows Roz Jenkins from M&G with Trustees Emma Harris, Jo Moss-Rowe and Karen Lehner

Roz from M&G with trustees in garden