Flame was born in a field near the Four Wantz roundabout in Ongar on 11th June 1973 and lived there with his mum until he was three. After seeing a Blue Peter story about Rags and the RDA his owner decided she would like to give him to the RDA. As we were the nearest group he was offered to us. So he came to live at Barrow Farm and quickly made himself at home.

For two years he was given the chance to grow, he was rather immature when he arrived. He was taken for walks in the wood and taught manners. At five years old he was broken in, this proved a very easy job and he was put to work in the group after about a year of being ridden by young helpers. From the beginning he was a favourite, being chestnut he was a different colour and easy to recognise. He was super fo the very young children, quiet and patient but willing to go when everyone was ready.

In later years he became a good off-lead pony for the more able young riders and worked particularly well in a pair with Thistle. He represented us at fetes, carnivals and demonstrations, always behaving well. He was always the little angel pony at the carol service again standing out because at the time most of the ponies were bay (brown with black mane and tail). He had a lovely life, he was everyone’s friend, the other ponies all liked him. Nothing was ever asked of him that he could not easily give and he gave that willingly. Many, many children loved him, he gave them so much more than a pony ride. Like all RDA ponies he gave nervous children confidence, he made excitable children calmer. He helped them all achieve, made them feel special. He was a special pony and he worked hard for Barrow Farm, we were lucky that he was given to us all those years ago.