Over its long history Barrow Farm has strived to continue to improve the facilities available to its riders and carriage drivers. Our excellent facilities now include:

  • A dedicated team of qualified instructors
  • A team of wonderful, carefully trained ponies
  • An indoor school, so rides can take place in the dry and an outdoor school to be enjoyed in the good weather
  • The indoor school has a viewing gallery for parents, carers and visitors to watch the rides in comfort and safety
  • Hoist to assist mounting
  • Wheelchair accessible mounting ramp and block
  • Kitchen and waiting area where a cup of tea can be enjoyed
  • Our newest arrival the Ijoy rider to help riders warm up before mounting
  • The availability of woodland walks right next to the riding school so our riders can experience the joy of riding out. Taking part in wild flower hunts, seeing the deer that live in the wood and just experiencing the great outdoors.
  • Specialist riding equipment to assist our riders in getting the most out of their riding sessions
  • And purpose built driving carriages for our drivers.